Thursday, 4 October 2012

That Thursday Feeling

This is a very momentous day for me.
After deciding some time ago that I needed to slow down a little and reclaim some spare time I asked if I could start having Fridays off.  They rang me when I was on holiday to say that it had been agreed, and low and behold I will be off work tomorrow.  I can't wait.
I will be able to do the things I don't do often enough.
Like baking.
I might even be able to show pictures that have been taken during the light hours of the day.  I usually squeeze baking in between making our evening meal which means that any photographs have to be taken using artificial light.  This causes shadows etc.
My hubby is usually hovering around ready to clear the lot so I've learnt to be quick otherwise I wouldn't have anything left to show you.
I will also be able to get started on all the decorating, clearing and tidying that needs doing.
Oh and perhaps a few long soaks with a good book.
I finally got around to buying a few accessories for the bathroom.  We had this done last year and at the time I said I wasn't bothered what it looked like providing it was white.  I was persuaded that if I kept to only white it would look like a mens public toilet so agreed to include a little bit of mosaic.  I loved the result but was stumped as to what colour to introduce to give it a bit more of a wow factor.  I decided originally to stick with black, grey and white but it still looked very masculine.  However after talking to my friend at work who's Mum is absolutely amazing at interior design and decor we settled on dusky lavender.  It was a brilliant suggestion and I dashed off to buy anything I could lay my hands on that would fit the bill. This is the result.  I still need to replace the shower curtain with a white one, and the toothbrush holder but it's coming along nicely.  Thanks Sally for your inspiration. It only took a few pounds to transform an impersonal space in to somewhere which is pretty and inviting.

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  1. Loving the colour scheme, it goes perfectly. Lemon tarts! How long did it take for Steve to devour those? xx